Play is not a luxury but rather a crucial dynamic of healthy, physical, intellectual and social development...

—David Elkind
author of The Power of Play,
The Hurried Child, and many more

Explorations is a play studio for children, aesthetically and purposefully designed to entice them to explore and discover!

All children play. But fewer and fewer children these days have the opportunity to engage in the imaginative play that is so crucial to brain development. Schools are becoming increasingly less playful and more competitive while home time is becoming less free, more structured and more automated and electronic.

Explorations Play Studio is a wondrous oasis for experiencing the joy of free play. Sensory-rich materials in a visually appealing setting create the launching pad for each child’s imaginative play and natural exploration. Children choose exquisite wooden blocks, appealing “loose parts,” small eclectic treasures and enticing sensory trays to make sense of their world. Their play is spontaneously self-initiated, active, hands-on and open-ended—and most of all it originates deep inside the child.

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